Frequently Asked Questions About EAB

Questions About EAB Ash LeafHow Do I Know If My Tree Is Infested?

First, determine if your tree is an Ash tree by using our Ash Tree ID Guide. Once you know your tree is an Ash tree look for the Common Signs and Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borers.

Can My Ash Recover On Its Own?

No, once infested ash trees will die if not treated.

I’ve Treated My Trees In The Past For Borers. Are They Safe? 

No, there are many different types of borers that range in severity and each treatment is unique to the type of borer. Emerald Ash Borers are highly invasive and kill trees rapidly. In order to prevent them, specific treatment is needed.

Is It Better To Treat Or Remove My Ash Trees? 

Treatment is typically better than removal for a couple reasons.

  • First, it is the cheaper option. It is 4 times more expensive to remove a tree than to treat it, and 10 times more expensive to remove and replace the tree.
  • Secondly, ash trees are home to 43 different species which will be adversely affected if you remove your ash trees.
  • Lastly, mature trees add to home values. Removing your ash trees will decrease the value of your property.

However, not all ash trees are good candidates for treatment. As a common rule of thumb if 50% or more of the tree’s canopy has declined or died back the tree can not be saved by treatment and should be removed as soon as possible. An Emerald Ash Borer infestation weakens the structure of Ash trees which makes them more likely to fall and cause property damage. These trees are likely to be dangerous to remove and should be taken down by experience professionals using techniques other than climbing and tying into trees.

Emerald Ash Borer - Questions About EABCan I Treat My Tree Myself?

We highly discourage do it yourself treatments for insect and disease affected trees, especially when it come to Emerald Ash Borer. Treatments are sold at home improvement stores ; however, these treatments are not always effective, often  incorrectly applied, and can be dangerous if certain safety precautions are not taken. We suggest having an experienced arborist diagnose, treat, and follow up on your ash trees in order to give them the best chance at survival.

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