Emerald Ash Borer History

Emerald Ash Borer History

Emerald Ash Borer history in the United States has been quite a deadly one. The Emerald Ash Borer, commonly referred to as EAB, was first discovered in 2002 in the state of Michigan. The invasive insect is thought to have been brought to North America from Asia in wood crating on cargo ships. EAB has now been found in over 22 states and has killed more than 50 million ash trees.

States Where Emerald Ash Borers Have Been Found

Quarantine Attempts

Quarantine attempts have been made since the insect typically can only fly up to a mile; however, the illegal transportation of firewood, by traveling campers, has helped spread the beetle past quarantine lines. Currently 24 states are under quarantine but containing the beetle seems to be an insurmountable feat.

Beneficial Insect Release

Beneficial Insect Release programs, programs that release an invasive insect’s native predator in affected areas, are currently being developed and researched. Yet these types of programs require extensive research to make sure the insect used to fight the invasive insect doesn’t become harmful to our own ecosystem.


Although both quarantine attempts and beneficial insect release have not seen success there is a third option, insecticide treatment, which has shown an impressive success rate.