Ash Tree ID

How To Complete An Ash Tree ID:

For the normal homeowner, it can be difficult to tell if you have ash trees on your property. Ash trees can resemble a multitude of other trees such as box elders, maples, and walnuts; however, if you look for these three specific signs in our Ash Tree ID you can determine if you have an ash tree or not.

Sign 1: Look At The Leaves

Ash trees have compound leaves with 5-11 leaflets like the ones displayed in the photo below. If your tree has compound leaves that resemble the ones shown below you may have an Ash tree continue on to Sign 2. If your leaves do not resemble the trees below you most likely don’t have an Ash tree and do not need to worry about Emerald Ash Borers on your landscape. However, it’s best to provide your tree with regular maintenance for pruning or a check up book a tree service consultation.

black ash tree leaf ash tree leaves

 Sign 2: Look At The Branches

Ash trees have opposite branching. This means the branches and buds are in pairs directly across from each other. If your tree has opposite branching resembling the photo below and the leaves look like we discussed above you may have an Ash tree.

ash tree branching

Sign 3: Look At The Bark

Mature Ash trees have a distinctive bark with diamond-shaped ridges, like the bark shown below. If your tree has all three ash tree identification signs you most likely have a mature ash tree and need to take precautions to protect your tree from the Emerald Ash Borer. If your tree doesn’t have this distinctive bark pattern but does have Sign 1 and Sign 2 you may have a younger ash tree on your property and still need to take precautions.

mature ash tree bark









Have an Ash Tree? Great! Now lets get it treated to make sure it doesn’t get destroyed by Emerald Ash Borers. It is advised that you get your Ash tree treated for Emerald Ash Borers even if your tree looks healthy. Ash trees don’t show sign of infestation until 2-3 years after the infestation begins. With the spread of Emerald Ash Borers in the DC Metro Area your Ash tree has a 99.9% chance of becoming infested with Emerald Ash Borers so make sure your tree is protected today!If you believe you have an Ash tree set up an appointment with one of our Arborists by calling 703.573.3029 or requesting an appointment online.