Save Your Ash Tree From Emerald Ash Borers

A Great Investment

Save Money & Gain Value In The Long Run
Treatment Is 4x Cheaper Than Removal

If not treated, Emerald Ash Borer’s are 100% fatal and can cost you thousands of dollars in removal and replacement costs.

Losing A Tree Can Reduce Property Values by $10,000

Mature trees on average increase property values by 10%. Losing a mature Ash Tree due to Emerald Ash Borer’s will greatly reduce your home value.

Losing A Tree Can Increase Energy Costs By Up To 30%

Shade trees reduce energy costs by blocking the summer sun while letting the winter sun shine through. Losing an Ash Tree could remove these energy saving benefits and increase energy costs.

Increase The Safety Of Your Home

An untreated Ash Tree infested with Emerald Ash Borers will become very brittle and more likely to fall during a storm or if the tree is climbed.

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RTEC Treecare is a tree service company located in Falls Church, Va and serves the entire Washington DC Metro area including Fairfax County, Arlington Co, City of Alexandria, City of Falls Church, City of Fairfax, Montgomery Co. Maryland, and Washington DC. RTEC Treecare has provided government, commercial & residential tree services to the area since 1996.

With RTEC Treecare you don’t just receive a service you receive a solution. We understand that not every property is the same so why should your service be? Our personalized touch customizes an expert solution specific to your property’s needs and skips the “one size fits all” service offered by our competitors.>/p>

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